for south australians to talk abour year 12.

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ok everybody! this is in the same style as skooldayz except mainly for people doing the sace, because the internet really needs a sace related forum. (and as if vce students dont already have enough support like this floating around the world wide web. we do luv ya vcers though.)

posts here are for:

-asking/answering questions
-sharing information

questions & tips can relate to the scoring system, subjects, major assignments, exams e.t.c.
you're all in year 12 aren't you? you can figure it out.

**bitching about the system/teachers is also acceptable as long as that's not all you do.

This community is here for anyone who is involved in the sace system in school, even if they are in year 11 going on to year 12 next year and would like to know what will be expected of them.


-stay on topic (defined above)
-don't be a moron*.

*use common sense and manners. don't be a twat and ask for a list and then go "oh, so, like, I'm allowed to post ---- because there's nothing against it?" you are automatically a moron if you do that.

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