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Hey again, just thought I would update with what is happening with my year 12 work.

So far I have had two Psychology tests (mainly) on attitudes and on both I have recieved full marks (too bad that they are formative though!)
I have started my collabrative assignment on the topic of persuasion. The research question that is being considered is "Do people who have a higher normalized level to smoking also have a high commitment level to not smoke". I believe they will as they would be around more people to see the many negative effects of smoking. I am a bit worried about a individual in our group as she was at school the day we started the assignment but just sat in the common room during class, I just hope she gets her 5% of group work marks.

Studies of Society:
This is the subject that, given the choice, I would not have chose, but I have so I am trying to make the most of it. In the past I did not really pay that much attention to the news and current issues, and it shows. The theory I can do ok in if I am given enough time to research, the thing that I am slightly worried about is the "Group Presentation and social action". The teacher just said pick an issue in Australian society and do some action about it. He said that writing a letter to the bunyip is too lame, and protesting would get us in trouble so I was thinking maybe I could organize to do something in a school assembly (eek). If I were to do that, I would have to choose an issue that is relevent to teenagers/teachers...maybe something to do with University or work in the future...

English Studies:
Yesterday I presented my character study from the novel Eva Luna to the class (of 11 people). I am currently working on my individual study with the novel "Memiors of a Geisha", but am undecided on what movie I will compare/contrast it with. I thought about doing the movie "Raise the red lantern" which is about concubines (sp?) but another girl in my class is doing "Memiors of a Geisha" and "Raise the red lantern" and I really want to choose a theme that is a bit less obvious of Mistresses/Geishas. I believe that English Studies is going well for me, but I am a bit worried about the exam as I am not yet that good at timed writing.

This is a year 11 class as I did not have the lines to do it last year. I am going well in this subject and have recieved my first mark of 19/20 for my report. 20/20 would have been better, but the fact the teacher showed everyone my report as I was the only one who did it right was a really good feeling. So far we are just going through the text book and I am up to the properties of the different groups in the periodic table.

Math Studies:
Another year 11 class due to the arrangement of the lines last year. Math is going fine and I have a test on Monday which I believe that I will do well on. The test is on pythagorous, heron's formula, sine, cosine, tangent and finding lenghts and angles, pretty easy if you do the work. The year 11's last year had a different teacher that was not as good as the teacher we have now (which is the year 12 Math Studies teacher also) and they had to relearn the revision work, but they are doing fine now, so are the year 11's.

How is everyone else going in there work?
Another question, does anyone else have casual/part-time work outside of school? If so how many hours a week do you do? At the moment I am doing 15 hours a week.
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