freya (bananafreckles) wrote in sace_students,


Hey I am new to this community. My names Freya and I go to SAC.

I was wondering if anyone else was doing Classics and has left their Special Study until the last minute?
I am stressing so much over it at the moment for I have only written half and I think that what I have written is utter and total crap!

I am also stressing for I am still a few weeks behind maths, chem and physics. Is anyone else in my position or am I royally screwed?
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I do Classics, but I finished my special study... what's your topic?

And I'm in the same boat as you for Chemistry, I've fallen a little bit behind :S
I think I might change my question but at the moment it whether the ideal state outline by Plato in the Republic is really just (moral)?

what was you topic? I am actually supposed to be at a Chem day today but I rang up my teacher and cried about Classics.
I did an indepth study of Aristotle's poetics, and how they can be applied to classic and modern tragedies... I compared Antigone and Moulin Rouge. It was alot of fun!

Once you get the research done, you're nearly half done.. I wouldn't worry so much!
Oh you got to do Antigone? we did drama in class so we wern't aloud to do it for our special study.
I have now done my first draft but I am really unsure how to do the introduction and conclussion, would you be able to help or give pointers?